Willows, California

Home of the Thunderhill Raceway

Building Division

Welcome to the City of Willows Building Division

201 N. Lassen Street
Monday- Friday 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
The Building Division is responsible for activities related to the construction, remodeling, and demolition of buildings and structures. By reviewing building permit applications, issuing building and related permits, checking plans, and inspecting buildings and properties the Division can ensure compliance with applicable codes and ordinances. The Division is responsible for enforcing all applicable building, mechanical, energy, accessibility, plumbing, electrical and housing codes and laws adopted by the City and State to ensure a safe and habitable building environment.
Community Development Technician
Maria Ehorn


This is a specialized position and distinguished from other general office positions by the level of complexity of duties assigned, independence of action taken, and performance of more complex planning, and/or building functions by performing duties that demonstrate competencies in specialized areas of the permitting process. The incumbent may perform responsible types of duties which may include technical and clerical duties and should be trained in procedures related to planning and building related codes and terminology in various areas of the permitting process.

City Engineer
John Wanger 
City of Willows contracts City Engineering services with Coastland Engineering

Coastland provides civil engineering, construction management, and building safety services to public agencies spanning Northern California.  Since Coastland opened its doors in 1991, its projects have encompassed a wide variety of transportation, water, wastewater, drainage, flood control, and public facilities.

Coastland’s approach is a little different from most companies. They function as a trusted partner to there clients, literally becoming an extension of there clients’ staff and an integral part of their project team.  This uncommon partnership helps Coastland clients achieve more, especially when resources are limited.

Below is a direct link to Coastland's Website. 

Below you will find helpful building websites:

(including flood information, building codes and more...)