Willows, California

Home of the Thunderhill Raceway

OES (Office of Emergency Services) Engine 370

The Office of Emergency Services has a contract with the Willows Rural Fire District, for an OES Type I Engine.  The engine is housed at the Willows Fire Dept, and is used on larger, usually wildfire related incidents throughout the state of California. 

Members of the Willows fire department, paid and volunteer, staff the engine when it is needed for these incidents.  The engine is staffed with a captain, engineer, and two firefighters.  Incidents can last for several days to several weeks.  Members are to pack and be ready to be away from their home and families for at least a 14 day period. 

The engine is placed on a strike team (with 4 other engines of the same type), and then sent to an incident, where they are to check into a base camp and get their orders for the incident.  Assignments can range from; structure protection, initial attack, constructing a fireline, mopping up and other assigned duties as needed.