Willows, California

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Eubank Meeting Room

California Poet Laureate Library Director Jody Halsey Meza
California Poet Laureate Library Director Jody Halsey Meza

The Willows Public Library has a meeting room that is available for free use by the public.  The room is a great space that is used for all kinds of interesting and educational activities for kids and adults. Classes and tutoring, author talks, children's programs and puppet shows have all been offered in the community room. Local groups and clubs are also welcome to utilize the room.  


The Willows Public Library allows open usage of the Eubank Room for public meetings. Some limitations and restrictions do apply.

 For a group to apply for the use of the Eubank Room Registration form (Exhibit 5). This form must be read and signed by someone responsible for the group. The calendar will be checked and a reservation can be made at that time.

 A non-profit group may use the room one day a week, up to three (3) days a month free of charge; after that a cost of $50 per day applies. Non-profits using the room two consecutive days incur a $50 charge for the second day. Any group that charges its clients will incur a $50 fee for the use of the room.

 Groups may not reserve the room more than three (3) months in advance. Library and City functions have first priority in using the room. The public does not have a right to use the room, it is a privilege extended by the City and the Library.

 The Eubank Room may only be used when library staff is on duty. Sunday and late weekday meetings will not be accepted, unless the meeting is City-sponsored and other City staff members will be present and responsible.

 No food or drinks are allowed in the Eubank Room. The room must be clean and trash removed. Any exceptions can only be made with prior authorization by the Library Director. A clean-up fee of $10 may be assessed if the room is not left in satisfactory order.

 The seating capacity with tables and chairs is (15) people; without tables the capacity is twenty-five (25).