Willows, California

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Council has chosen to conduct a special meeting to hold the City's mid year budget review. The meeting will be held on February 21st at 4:00 in the City Council Chambers. 201 N Lassen Street. Materials will be published as soon as they are released. If you have any questions in regards to the City's Budget please contact City Hall at 934-7041.

2018 Elections

This November two City Council seats will be up for election. Both Jim Yoder and Jeff Williams seats will become available. The elections process will begin in July please watch the website at a closer date for more election details. You may also contact City Clerk Robyn Johnson for any election questions. The City looks forward to the upcoming election and recommends that if you are interested in a seat, to communicate with the City Clerk Johnson for direct details/updates.

Marijuana Cultivation Permit Fee Determined

Council set residential cultivation fees following the adoption of the Marijuana Ordinance that passed at the November 28th Meeting. Permits fees are as followed:

Process                                                              Projected Cost

Permit Intake, Review and Processing              $77.00

Director Review and Processing                        $38.19

Pre-Issuance Inspection                                     $49.17

Payment Processing                                          $8.47

Permit Issuance                                                 $20.53

Annual Inspection                                              $49.71

Total Permit Fee (Rounded)                              $250.00

Marijuana Ordinance Passed Second Reading and was Adopted

Below are some City Ordinance Highlights: 
Residents of Willows will be granted permission to grow marijuana within the City limits as long as the resident follows the regulations listed below:  
  • Only six living marijuana plants may be cultivated for personal use within a residence.
  • Anyone planning to cultivate marijuana must register and apply for a permit from the Community Development Services Department
  • Cultivation may not start until permit it approved and issued.
  • The term of initially-issued residential cultivation permits hall be one(1) year.
  • Residential Cultivation Permit Fee is due at the time of submittal of application.
  • If the tenant/resident growing does not own the parcel, grower must have certified signature granting permission to grow form the property owner.
All outdoor cultivation of marijuana remains prohibited!
To see the full Ordinance please click on the link below.  For any further questions please contact City Staff at (530)934-7041 or visit City Hall at 201 North Lassen

Glenn County Transportation Commission

GCTC seeks to develop a long-range, comprehensive plan for creating truly walkable and bikeable environments throughout the county, including both its cities and unincorporated areas. The Plan aims to include bicycle and pedestrian project and program recommendations that reflects the unique County of Glenn environment.


Click here for the Glenn County Active Transportation Plan Live Site