Willows, California

Home of the Thunderhill Raceway

Minimum Submittal Requirements

To obtain a building permit, submit to the Building Division, a completed Building Permit Application, six (6) complete sets of plans for Commercial/Industrial and Multi-Family Residential and three (3) sets of plans for Single Family Residential, including three (3) copies of Energy Calculations.  

All plans should include:

1. Plot Plan:   Show the location of all existing and proposed structures on the property with relation to the property lines.

2. Foundation Plan:   Show all footings and piers, with typical cross sections.  Show reinforcing steel, anchor bolt size and spacing, footing depth below grade, etc.

3. Floor Plan:   Label all rooms; show all room sizes, windows and door sizes and necessary dimensions.

4. Elevations: Show exterior and interior finish materials.

5. Framing Details & Sections:   Show sections through structure indicating footings, wall, floor, and roof construction.  Specify type and grade of materials, spacing of framing members, rafters, ceiling joist, floor joist, truss lay out calculations, and roof pitch. 

6. Electrical Details:   Show all fixtures, plugs, switches, meter panels, sub panels, appliances, etc.

7. Plumbing Details:   Show water heaters, sinks, dishwashers, hose bibs, water softners, gas meters, etc.

8. Mechanical Details:   Show furnaces, exhaust fans, air conditioning condensers, etc.

9. Energy Calculations & Mandatory Features for Zone 11:    Must be provided by a licensed preparer.

All plans shall be drawn to scale and shall be of sufficient clarity to indicate the nature and extent of the work proposed.

One permit will be issued covering the building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical work.  The permit may be obtained in the same office where the plans are submitted.

Licensed architects or engineers are required to prepare plans on complex dwellings, apartments, commercial structures (including food service) and industrial occupancy's. 

State Law requires that all plans be signed by the person responsible for perparing them.

Permits are issued only to property owners and/or licensed contractors.


  • Obtain approval from the Willows Planning Department, 201 North Lassen Street, Willows,  (530) 934-7041, in regard to zoning requirements as they apply. 
  • Obtain an "Encroachment Permit" from the City of Willows Public Works Department, 201 North Lassen Street, Willows, (530) 934-7041.
  • Work, which may emit airborne particulates, shall notify the Glenn County Air Pollution Control Office, 720 North Colusa Street, Willows, (530) 934-6500.
  • Payment of developer fees must be paid to the School District (if applicable to the work proposed. ) 822 W. Laurel Street, Willows, (530) 934-6600.